Being a homeowner is a big responsibility, and it comes with a plethora of decisions to make. Should you plant new trees? Do you need a new air conditioner or will it make it through one more summer? One big question everyone here in South Florida needs to ask is whether or not they need an impact door. If you haven’t yet considered it, let’s take the time to do so right now.

Are you worried about hurricanes?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released its updated 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast. The agency is predicting an above-average season with 15 to 21 named storms and seven to 10 hurricanes. The number of major hurricanes, which includes Category 3 and above, is expected to be somewhere from three to five. How many of these will hit South Florida? Only time will tell, but with an impact door you will feel much better when the cone of uncertainty includes your neighborhood.

Is your neighborhood noisy?

South Florida is beautiful, sunny, and fun, but one thing this area is not is quiet! From traffic to your neighbor’s music, you hear sounds all day and unfortunately all night too. An impact front door on your home is so thick that it helps to block out much of the noise going on outside.

Are you considering selling your home soon?

The South Florida real estate market is hot, hot, hot! If you’re considering putting your home on the market and raking in a huge profit, you should do everything you can to boost your chances to get a great offer. When potential buyers see your home has extra protection, with no effort from them at all, you’ll not only be the top of the pack but they’ll be willing to pay more for your home. 

Would you like lower insurance premiums?

Insurance seems like one of those things in life you really can’t do anything about. Actually, there’s quite a few upgrades you can make to your home to lower your monthly bill. Having an impact door on your home means you’re much less likely to make a homeowners insurance claim for any type of damage or theft. This saves the insurance company money, and they are happy to pass some of those savings on to you.

Are you concerned with break-ins?

There is a reason we keep saying “impact door” and not “hurricane impact door.” These doors do so much more than simply protect your home from hurricanes! If a hurricane can’t smash through your door, you can bet a potential thief cannot either! Not only do impact doors protect you from flying debris during a major storm, but they also protect your home from those attempting to break in and steal your belongings or harm you.

Here in South Florida, it is not a matter of if a hurricane hits, but when. As you can see, whether or not you need an impact door isn’t only about hurricanes though! Contact us to get started.