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Fall Protection Systems in the United States

By September 27, 2021June 21st, 2022No Comments

Having the right fall protection systems in place is vital for job sites in the U.S. You need to ensure that your company’s practices are OSHA-compliant and designed with safety in mind by industry specialists. Check out our guide to the most important industrial fall protection systems.

Anchorage Fall Protection System

Anchor points are an essential part of ensuring the safety of your staff and equipment. These structures offer a secure base for your workers and equipment to operate on difficult surfaces, whether they are sloping roofs or fragile surfaces.

Anchor points come in various styles, including:

  • Rigid post single anchor points. These structures provide incredible security with a full installation, meaning that operatives have a permanent place to conduct work in total safety. A drawback is the limited distance a worker can move from the anchor point, but these systems offer great security for your staff and equipment.
  • Vacuum single anchor points. Aircraft technicians praise vacuum single anchor points because they are ideal for work on temporary surfaces. The vacuum point provides a secure fall protection system that is easily movable.
  • D-ring anchor points. D-ring points are favored by technicians working on window cleaning or anyone working on walls and parapets. They’re easy to install and allow workers to move freely. While not as secure as rigid post anchors, they’re incredibly versatile.

Industrial Access Systems

Industrial access systems like loading platforms and suspended maintenance access systems are key to industrial fall protection. Here’s how they operate.

  • Loading platforms. These platforms allow your staff to transport equipment safely from one level to another. Most industrial sites work on different levels, and you’ll need a loading platform installed at some point. It will protect your workers and equipment from falls while enabling easier access.
  • Suspended maintenance access. Suspended maintenance access means creating a system that allows a platform to descend on a job site, for example, if you’re repairing the side of a building. You need the best suspension services if you’re going to invest in this kind of technology, so ensure you consult industrial fall protection experts.
  • Horizontal lifelines. An essential component of rooftop work, horizontal lifelines are built through a network of anchor points. They are a key fall protection measure as they provide security and greater flexibility of movement for rooftop workers.

Window Cleaning Solutions

Whatever methods or equipment you use to protect yourself when washing windows, you need to have an OSHA-compliant fall protection system in place. It not only keeps you safe in dangerous conditions but provides cover for you in the worst-case scenarios.

Finding the best OSHA-complaint window cleaning solutions before you start work is essential. It’s not worth risking even one day in this challenging job without protection.

Stay Safe, Stay OSHA-Compliant

OSHA guidelines exist for a reason — investing in the best fall protection systems should be a no-brainer. Keep yourself and your workers safe with the best fall protection measures you can find.