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How Inflation is Affecting Window and Door Costs

By June 21, 2022No Comments

You need to protect yourself, your family, and your possessions inside your home. This means you want not just windows and doors, but windows and doors made specifically to be durable and strong. You’re looking for impact windows and doors! These will keep out anything and anyone, from a tree limb flying in hurricane winds to a burglar trying to smash through with a crowbar.

Just because you want and need these additions to your home doesn’t mean you have an unlimited budget to do so. You have a price range you need to stay within, which is perfectly understandable. When you look into the pricing and get a free estimate for impact windows and doors, you may wonder at the price tag attached. Is it worth it? Why are they so costly?

First, absolutely yes they are worth it! Spending this money now can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars in the future when your home is able to stand up to whatever nature throws at it. Second, it’s important to understand that some of why this purchase is a bit costly is because of inflation. By definition, inflation is a “decrease in the purchasing power of money, reflected in a general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy.” Essentially what this is saying is that your dollar doesn’t go as far today as it did twenty years ago. It most often happens when prices rise for the manufacturer due to increases in production costs, like the raw materials needed to make the item and the workers’ wages. 

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed much over the last year, including some areas you may not realize. Factories have had to close due to outbreaks and those that have stayed open have needed to have less workers on the floor at one time to adhere to social distancing guidelines. That’s not even mentioning all of the sick days, furloughs, and layoffs. As of March 2021, Producer Price Index (PPI) for materials inputs to construction is up 12% to 14% year over year. Steel Prices at mills in the U.S. are up 60% to 100% in the last six months. As well, contractors across the country have been reporting they have been having a tougher time acquiring the skilled labor they need. This has led to increased labor cost to secure needed skills. All of this leads to inflation.

If you worry that because of inflation this purchase will be out of your budget, know that we offer several options for 100% financing! You could have the entire purchase covered by a well-known financial institution and then take your time to pay it back. Synchrony is one of the nation’s premier consumer financial services companies, and they will cover your purchase as you pay them back over 18 months. With RenewPACE financing, you can receive 100% financing for this purchase because it makes your home more energy efficient and repay them over the course of 5 to 25 years.

Offering this insight into inflation and making it easy to get 100% financing for your purchase are just simple ways we show you how much our community means to us. We want anyone and everyone to have the peace of mind that impact windows and doors provide! Call us today for a free estimate at (305) 261-5058.